Welcome from the EM and the EM/IM Chiefs

Dear Future EM and EM/IM Residents,

Welcome to our Henry Ford Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine! We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our program. We understand navigating the challenges of applying to residency during a pandemic is far from ordinary. Keeping with true Ford tradition we would like to extend our warmest welcome and share with you our enthusiasm for Ford.

For over 100 years, our health system has stood the test of time. Our story began working hard on the front lines during the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918 – 1920 and continues today during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were built on integrity, grit, and a desire to never remain stagnant. These values not only represent our history but defines who we are today and our vision for the future.

Our Emergency Department provides an unparalleled clinical experience, and we are proud to work within a health care system that has solidified its reputation in stone. Residents who train here are prepared for success. Our medical and procedural skills are fortified through unique clinical rotations, caring for medically challenging patients, and exposure to complex specialty patients including transplant, LVAD, Impella, and ECMO patients. In doing so, residents are motivated to practice individualized and evidenced-based medicine while working alongside world recognized leaders of various specialties. Our ED is overflowing with leaders in the fields of sepsis, stroke care, critical care, toxicology, public health, and much more. These interdisciplinary interactions help refine our medical knowledge and connect us with fellowship opportunities. In doing so, our graduates are prepared to command composure during stressful situations, be comfortable with the most invasive procedures, gain excellent leadership skills, and develop a high level of empathy.

We serve our patients and community proudly not only in medicine, but also in patient advocacy and community outreach. Our adoption of a “meet you where you are” attitude allows our department to connect with patients in meaningful ways by providing voter registration, HIV/Hep C testing, substance abuse intervention, aid donations, and establishing outpatient appointments and home health visits through mobile clinics. These experiences sensitize residents to the struggles of patients, families, and health professionals responsible for delivering their care.

Remaining stagnant was never an option for Henry Ford, or Detroit for that matter. And our history does not come at the expense of adaptability or flexibility. Our residency leadership prides itself on constantly evolving and responding to resident needs and concerns. As residents and chiefs, our voices are effectively present at every committee meeting and our leadership is not afraid of change. With the field of medicine constantly evolving, there is a need for leaders who possess integrity, grit, and a passion to never remain idle. Our leadership, residents, and healthcare system are prepared to help combine both the technical and humanistic steps required to become a future emergency room physician. We look forward to welcoming you to the Ford Family and wish you nothing but positivity as you navigate your interview season.

Feel free to check us out on instagram @hfhemres for EM and @hfhemimres for EM/IM.

The Chiefs –
Mariam Alaka, MD EM
Scott Brensel, DO EM
Morgan Howard, MD EM
Michael Holbrook, MD EM
Naureen Farook, MD EM/IM
Daniel Grahf, MD EM/IM