Women in Emergency Medicine Network (WEM NET)

The Women in Emergency Medicine Network (WEM NET) was established in the winter of 2017 to support, elevate and amplify our colleagues while moving the pendulum towards gender equality and equity.

Our Mission: The Henry Ford Health System Women in Emergency Medicine Network (HFHS WEM NET) will evaluate current gender disparities, promote mentorship at all career levels, and focus on work life balance needs. Our network will inspire future generations of physicians and promote gender equality within the health system and beyond.

Our Vision: Our vision is to inspire, mentor, and promote women in emergency medicine at all career levels. We encourage academic pursuits, prioritize community-building activities, promote leadership skills and training, and recognize and applaud each other’s successes.

  • Develop career and personal goals
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities
  • Serve as mentors
  • Expand leadership and time management skills
  • Research gender equity in EM
  • Learn negotiation resources
  • Evaluate policies from a gender equity lens


Our activities
  • Annual Baltarowich-Vallee Trailblazer Award winner selection
  • Bi-annual e-newsletter publication
  • Quarterly social gatherings
  • Community engagement activities
  • Research and policy development
Network structure